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MONDAY – 18.04.2016, 14.00 – 18.00



Era-net Transport (ENT) has evolved since 2004 into a service platform for Programme Owners and Managers, providing a framework for initiating and implementing transnational research and innovation funding collaborations. Nowadays, the ENT network consists of 24 partners from 19 countries and regions, represented by Europe’s most prominent national transport research and innovation programmes.

Over a decade of transnational collaborations more than 25 transnational cooperation groups have been launched and more than 50 million € have been pooled for research projects in the field of transport. Furthermore an invaluable experience and know-how on tuning and gearing national/regional programmes to transnational collaborations has been built and supportive instruments and tools developed, ready for use for future pooled fund collaborations. The ENT community has therefore decided to maintain the network and continue collaborating after expiration of the CSA (Coordinated Support Action) with the Commission in April 2016, Milestone of the CSA expiration will be a concluding conference, organised as an invited session at the TRA 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.


The ENT concluding conference is the key event for the dissemination and outreach of ENT research and innovation initiatives and results. The main objectives of this event are to:

  • mark the expiration of the CSA with the Commission and the kick-off of the ENT network cooperation on their own
  • share the main achievements and results of ENT since the start in 2004
  • presentation of selected research and innovation projects that emerged from the ENT transnational call ‘Future Travelling’ and their interim results
  • presentation of the status of the most recent ENT transnational call ‘Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains’
  • depict pathway and ambitions for the ENT network after expiration of the CSA with the Commission

Targeted at:

This Conference is targeted at national and regional programme funding institutions, National Representatives to the H2020 Transport MS Group (TransPreM, formerly EPTR), larger national research institutions, relevant policy-makers, other ERA-networks and the European Commission.

>> Agenda and registration here.

MONDAY – 18.04.2016, 14.30 – 18.00


Location: Warsaw room


MobiWallet – Mobility and Transport Digital Wallet” is a CIP project funded by the European Commission that started in February 2014 with the objective of implementing solutions for Interoperable Fare Management to encourage modal shift and facilitate ease of use of multiple transport options, taking advance of the latest ICT advances and Smartphone capabilities (


The main objective of the conference is to present the key technologies and systems developed within the project and the first results achieved.

MobiWallet´s partners are designing, developing and testing platforms flexible enough to be adapted to disparate realities so as to allow European citizens to pay for their travel regardless of the specific transit mode they opt for. Cutting-edge technologies for payment based on the web, NFC and 2D smart codes are used to extend the capabilities of the payment platforms. Information services and multi-modal travel time-calculating software are considered so as to provide on-the-spot/on-the-go information and payment services to promote awareness of the availability of alternatives to individual conventional transport. In order to demonstrate these technologies, four pilots across Europe are in operation in Santander (Spain), Tuscany (Italy), West Midlands (UK) and Novi Sad (Serbia). Different scenarios, technologies, services and transport modes are involved in each of them, but sharing the same approach, methodology and common vision of the project towards achieving interoperability at pilot level, and, ultimately, at cross border level.

Currently, hundreds of users are participating in these four pilot cities across Europe, and their transactions and feedback are being analyzed to guarantee that the technological solutions are well founded on the actual needs of the citizenship, in order to pave the way to the transportation systems of the future

The whole value chain is involved in each pilot in order to ensure an effective deployment in each pilot as well as ensure the sustainability beyond the pilot phase.

INDRA is the coordinator of the consortium consisting of 15 companies and government bodies organized into four national groups. Main representatives of these entities will participate in the conference and present the developments.

Targeted at:

This conference is open to all TRA 2016 participants interested in the project, including researchers, industry, transport operators, and European Commission representatives. You are also welcome to visit MobiWallet stand at booth R-26!


THURSDAY – 21.04.2016, 9.00 -15.00



Are you interested in submitting a proposal for Horizon 2020 “Smart, green and integrated Transport” challenge?

Start building your consortium of excellent partners from industry and academia now – initiate contacts and cooperation towards successful Horizon 2020 funded projects!

Do not miss the opportunity to:

  • Present your project proposal or company profile to a large audience
  • Identify the best partners for your proposal
  • Discover proposals from other participants where your organization could fit in
  • Meet and share views with European and international transport researchers and experts.

Within the Framework of the Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference, the Transport NCP network ETNA2020, supported by Enterprise Europe Network, is organizing a networking and brokerage event focusing on the Horizon 2020 Transport Work Programme 2017 call for proposals – Mobility for Growth, Automated Road Transport, and Green Vehicles.

The brokerage event will take place the 21st of April in Warsaw at the TRA premises, from 09h00 to 15h00.

Within the framework of the brokerage event, participants looking for partners for the Transport Work Programme 2017 published calls will have the opportunity to present their organizations as well as their ideas for project proposals in the form of brief oral presentations, as well as to meet potential partners during bilateral ‘one to one’ meetings and other networking activities.

NOTA BENE – Registration to attend the TRA is a mandatory pre-requisite for participation in the networking and brokerage event.

More information about the brokerage event – including an on-line registration – can be found at

THURSDAY – 21.04.2016, 8.30 – 12.00

CONVENIENT (COmplete Vehicle ENergy-saving Technologies) EU Project Dissemination Event: Sustainable Fuel-Saving Technologies for Heavy Commercial Vehicles

This forum is the key dissemination event to present an overview of the main results achieved in the FP7 project CONVENIENT “COmplete Vehicle ENergy Saving Technologies for Heavy Trucks” (, which started in November 2012 and concludes April 2016.

From both the user and society perspectives, fuel efficiency is top priority because of its significant impact in terms of both emissions and cost – in fact fuel consumption typically represents about 30% of the Total Operating Costs for a 40-ton tractor-semitrailer combination. Correspondingly, the CONVENIENT project targets a 30% reduction of fuel consumption and hence emissions in vehicles for long-distance freight transport by developing innovative heavy-trucks featuring a suite of innovative energy-saving technologies and solutions; an holistic approach to on-board energy management has been adopted, considering the tractor, semi-trailer, driver and the mission as a whole.

The objective of the project has been to achieve complete vehicle energy management by proposing highly innovative solutions for improved efficiency and enhanced integration of components currently designed independently, integrated and evaluated directly on validator vehicles, including energy efficient sub-systems, energy harvesting and active/passive aerodynamics devices, and driver support systems to maximize the benefits of energy saving devices.

The CONVENIENT Consortium comprises three major EU truck manufacturers (IVECO, VOLVO, DAF), ten Tier 1 & 2 suppliers, and a network of nine research centres and universities, together representing European excellence in the field of long distance transport research and innovation.

This Forum is open to all TRA 2016 participants, targeting in particular researchers, industry representatives, policy-makers and European Commission officers, in order to enable the issues addressed by the CONVENIENT project to be discussed openly, focusing on how such innovation is fundamental to help improve the sustainability of Europe’s transport system in the coming years.


MONDAY – 18.04


CEDR Management Committee


Dutch EU Presidency and CEDR ‘Truck Platooning Challenge’ reception

TUESDAY – 19.04.2016


CEDR Innovation implementation stakeholders meeting


CEDR Automation workshop

9.00 – 14.00

CEDR-PIARC Winter maintenance workshop

WEDNESDAY – 20.04.2016


CEDR Governing Board meeting


CEDR Transnational Research Programme Stakeholders meeting