Warsaw Uprising Museum


The Warsaw Uprising Museum was opened in the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Uprising. It is located in the former tram power station, a monument of industrial architecture from the beginnings of the 20th century. The exhibition records the course of the Uprising. It presents not only the fight with the occupier but also the daily life of the insurgents in the occupied city – everyday activities such as cooking a soup or lofty moments e.g. the weddings of young fighters. It is a tribute to all those who defended the freedom of Poland and a monument for those who died for Poland.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is an extremely important place for the Poles as this revolt evokes great emotions in the society even nowadays. A modern formula of the exhibition attracts many young people and it is a kind of a lesson of patriotism. It calls for some reflection on what devotion to the homeland looked like in the years of the war horror and how one can be a patriot in the times of peace.