Lazienki Park – Royal Summer Residence of king Stanislaw August


King Stanisław August Poniatowski engaged outstanding architects – Dominic Merlini and Jan Christian Kamsetzer – to create his summer mansion. Beautiful facilities in the classical style: the Palace on the Island, the Amphitheatre, the White House and the Old Orangery with King Stanisław’s Theatre are the effects of their work. Renowned painters and sculptors created unique interior which housed the collections of exquisite pieces of art.

These structures are surrounded by beautiful gardens, diversified in terms of style. The whiteness of the Palace on the Island is reflected in the gloomy waters of the pond. The park is intersected by numerous channels. Romantic bridges lead to shadowy avenues being the place of rest in hot summer days. Peacocks stroll dignified on the Palace’s courtyard.

Lush vegetation, including the specimen of rare trees and bushes, supplements splendid architectural facilities.

Fryderyk Chopin monument, next to which concerts are organized in the summer, is located in the park. The Varsovians have an opportunity to watch theatre performances or movie shows. The Old Orangery houses numerous exhibitions. The place is visited by crowds of citizens and tourists.