The PGE Narodowy

The PGE Narodowy is located in the centre of Warsaw, on the right bank of the Vistula river. It is a modern facility constructed for the Football European Championships EURO 2012. It is a vibrant place, loved by the Varsovians. It is mainly a sports competition arena. It houses football matches, athletics, speedway or windsurfing competitions. Numerous book or fashion fairs are also organized there.

A state-of-the-art Conference Centre enables the organization of both great international events such as e.g. United Nations Climate Change Conference COP19 in 2013 and private business meetings.

The citizens of Warsaw use the areas around the Stadium for cycling, rollerblading, running or just resting in the shadow of the trees on benches, desk chairs and hammocks.

The PGE Narodowy is located just 12 km away from Warsaw Chopin Airport. There is convenient and quick access to the stadium for all means of transport!

By car:
The Stadium is located by Ks. Poniatowskiego Av. and Zieleniecka str., Siwca str. and Wybrzeże Szczecińskie str. Both underground and above-ground car parks are available.

By bus:
Rondo Waszyngtona bus stop, bus routes: 102, 111, 117, 123, 128, 146, 147, 158, 166, 507, 509, 517, 521, N02, N22, N24, N72.

By tram:
Rondo Waszyngtona tram stop, tram routes: 7, 8, 9, 22, 24, 45, 77.

By above-ground means of transport:
Warszawa Stadion Station, SKM and Koleje Mazowieckie operated trains.

By Veturilo city bicycle:
Rondo Waszyngtona Stop – The PGE Narodowy.

By underground:
M2 line, direction from the city centre: Dworzec Wileński, Stadion Narodowy Stop.