Winners of TRA Visions Student Award Ceremony

  1. On the first day of TRA2016, Monday 18th April 2016, the TRA Visions Student Award Ceremony was held at the end of the Opening Session. The winners of this Academic Student Competition on Innovative Transport Concepts were:


  1. First place – Sensor Range Sensitivity of Predictive Energy Management in Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
    University: University of Technology Graz, Austria
    Members: Martin Hofstetter,
  2. Second place – Simulation of an Automated Public Transportation System
    University: Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
    Members: Konstanze Winter,
  3. Third place – Automatic Control of Tire Pressure on Passenger Vehicles
    University: Politecnico di Torino, Italy
    Members: Roberto Vitolo (Team leader), Edoardo De Mattei, Luigi Federico Vigna, Nicolo’ Salamone, Andrea Luigi Pala and Antonio Pellegrino,

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  1. First place – Subway Climatology
    University: University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    Members: Zi  Qian
  2. Second place – A Cubic Function Model for Railway Line Delay
    University: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    Members: Fabrizio Cerreto
  3. Third place – A numerical and experimental approach for the diagnosis of high-speed railway turnouts
    University: Università Federico II Napoli, Italy
    Members: Giovanniluca De Vita (Team leader), Davide Leonetti

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  1. First place: Approaches of Optimizing Ships in Calm Water
    University: EMSHIP Erasmus Mundus master- ULG-ECN-URO
    Members: Tin  Yadanar Tun
  2. Second place: Cold Ironing at the Anchorage area of Rotterdam Port
    University: University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    Members: Petros Gemenetzis (Team leader), Spyridon Selas, Emmanouil Vranakis, Konstantinos Xydis, Nikolaos Sfakianos and Tsuyoki Sakaguchi,
  3. Third place: Bio-Mimicry and the use of Shark-Skin Inspired Technology For the Reduction of Surface Resistance of Submarines and Other Underwater Craft
    Team: University of Strathclyde,  United Kingdom
    Members: Jordan McRuvie

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