TRA Visions winners of Senior Researcher Award announced at TRA2016

The following four winners were announced at the TRA Visions Senior Researcher Award Ceremony held at the end of Plenary Session 3 on Wednesday 20th April:

  • Cross-modality winner: INTEGRITY – Intermodal Global Door-to-Door Container Supply Chain Visibility – Nils Meyer-Larsen, ISL Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, Germany.
  • Road winner: Ionic Liquid-based Hybrid Power Supercapacitors (ILHYPOS) – Mario Conte, Italian National Agency for New Technologies (ENEA), Italy. Click here to see more information about these winners.
  • Rail winner: Crashworthy joints in aluminium rail vehicles – Donato Zangani, D’Appolonia, Italy. Click here to see more information about these winners.
  • Waterborne winner: Project HORIZON – Michael Barnett, Solent University, UK. Click here to see more information about these winners.

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Close up of one of the awards




Left to Right
Rail winner Donato Zangani D’Appolonia S.p.A.
Road winner Dr Mario Conte ENEA Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development
Presenter Magda Kopczynska Director, European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport
Organiser Dr Alistair Greig University College London, UK
Waterborne winner Prof Michael Barnett Southampton Solent University, UK





“Working in transport – where are the women?” workshop on 19th April at TRA2016

One of the highlights of the second day (19th April) of TRA2016 was without doubt the afternoon workshop entitled “Working in transportation – Where are the woman?”, which was organised jointly by the EC and IBDiM. Around 40 participants took part in the meeting, which lasted just over two hours, and aimed to identify the opportunities for women’s employment in the transport job market. The sector is traditionally strong male-dominated, and still the presence of women is at the lowest level among all productive segments.

Jean-Luc di Paola Galloni, Corporate Vice President of the Valeo Group, presented the experiences of a transport supply industry where the implementation of a strong gender mainstreaming plan has proven to be the added value of a balanced work force in achieving innovation and competitiveness goals. He was followed by Ewa Wolniewicz-Warska, Country Sales Manager of Kapsch, who talked about the modern approach to transport and the possibilities opening up for women to take advantage of their virtues and talents. The third speaker, Laurie Pickup, International Projects Director of VECTOS, discussed the new mobility demand arising from the increased needs of equity and accessibility, and the role of women in implementing innovative solutions.

Small group rounds followed these presentations where participants were asked to join conversation tables organised around three main themes:

  1. How to increase attractiveness for women in transport job market (moderator Ewa Zofka, IBDiM)
  2. Opportunities offered by the introduction of new technologies (moderator Inés Sanchez de Madariaga, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid)
  3. Which measures are necessary to increase women’s participation in transport job market. (moderator Madi Sharma, European Economic and Social  Committee)

The following key outcomes were concluded from these conversation tables:

  1. Widespread teleworking needs to be put in place and new mobility products and patterns are needed to improve teleworking
  2. Female role models need to be rewarded by society to overcome the gender stereotypes
  3. Bottom up careers for women to increase diversity in the area of transport
  4. Improved education, for example good European initiatives such as seminars and and awareness on how ICT and technical discplines can benefit
  5. Opportunities created, for example shift work for customer service representatives within the logistics sector
  6. How to diminish the harrassment of women in public transport
  7. Promote women in the decision-making process (social and economic benefits of women being employees)
  8. Requirement that minority groups, for example women, should be included in the procurement process for public projects
  9. Change the mentality that women themselves have!

Click here to see the photos from the workshop.

Overview of second day of TRA2016

Here is a summary of the second day of the conference TRA2016 (Tuesday 19th April). The plenary session was dedicated to the automation of transport, which was covered during both the strategic and technical sessions. Automation is one of the factors that significantly contribute to improving the quality and increasing the safety of transport. During the other sessions, the  modes of transport, bicycle transport, railway infrastructure, logistics and maritime transport were discussed. One of the highlights of the day was without doubt the workshop entitled “Working in transportation – Where are the woman?”
All throughout the day, an exhibition of scientific posters and posters took place as part of TRA Marketplace, which raised considerable interest among the participants. The day ended with a gala dinner held at the Fortress restaurant. Guests were greeted by Prof. Leszek Rafalski, who outlined the history of the place. Then  Marek Cywiński, CEO of strategic partner TRA2016 – Kapsch, gave a speech.

Winners of TRA Visions Student Award Ceremony

  1. On the first day of TRA2016, Monday 18th April 2016, the TRA Visions Student Award Ceremony was held at the end of the Opening Session. The winners of this Academic Student Competition on Innovative Transport Concepts were:


  1. First place – Sensor Range Sensitivity of Predictive Energy Management in Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
    University: University of Technology Graz, Austria
    Members: Martin Hofstetter,
  2. Second place – Simulation of an Automated Public Transportation System
    University: Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
    Members: Konstanze Winter,
  3. Third place – Automatic Control of Tire Pressure on Passenger Vehicles
    University: Politecnico di Torino, Italy
    Members: Roberto Vitolo (Team leader), Edoardo De Mattei, Luigi Federico Vigna, Nicolo’ Salamone, Andrea Luigi Pala and Antonio Pellegrino,

Click here to see more information about these winners.


  1. First place – Subway Climatology
    University: University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    Members: Zi  Qian
  2. Second place – A Cubic Function Model for Railway Line Delay
    University: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    Members: Fabrizio Cerreto
  3. Third place – A numerical and experimental approach for the diagnosis of high-speed railway turnouts
    University: Università Federico II Napoli, Italy
    Members: Giovanniluca De Vita (Team leader), Davide Leonetti

Click here to see more information about these winners.


  1. First place: Approaches of Optimizing Ships in Calm Water
    University: EMSHIP Erasmus Mundus master- ULG-ECN-URO
    Members: Tin  Yadanar Tun
  2. Second place: Cold Ironing at the Anchorage area of Rotterdam Port
    University: University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    Members: Petros Gemenetzis (Team leader), Spyridon Selas, Emmanouil Vranakis, Konstantinos Xydis, Nikolaos Sfakianos and Tsuyoki Sakaguchi,
  3. Third place: Bio-Mimicry and the use of Shark-Skin Inspired Technology For the Reduction of Surface Resistance of Submarines and Other Underwater Craft
    Team: University of Strathclyde,  United Kingdom
    Members: Jordan McRuvie

Click here to see more information about these winners. For an overview of TRA Visions, see


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 From top to bottom – Road, Rail and Waterborne winners respectively