Objectives and Scope

Effective European transport is a factor of economic growth and provides social benefits. It is necessary to consider transport from the economic perspective, in view of environmental and societal challenges, and with regard to the global competitiveness of Europe. Research and implementation challenges that will be addressed at the TRA should take into account the needs of modern European society and create partnerships to promote innovation in transport.

As the resources and funds available for research are limited, it is necessary to define the most significant research areas in transport at the global, European and national levels. The development of common schemes and standards for the interoperability of transport systems is also a huge challenge for policy makers as well as researchers. It is essential to develop mechanisms to encourage cooperation and competitiveness between transport systems in Europe and in the world, as well as to address the evolving needs in the education system to better tackle future industrial and societal needs. It is crucial to answer a question how to conduct research in transport in order to meet these challenges and to ensure the mobility of people and goods, and thus freedom in the political and economic sense. There is a need to assess the allocation of resources and funding schemes to the transport system towards increased efficiency and seamless multimodality, and to enable a better spatial planning so that transport systems provide mobility for people and goods at the highest level of energy efficiency, reliability, and safety.

TRA 2016 is an exceptional event for researchers, industry representatives and policy-makers to meet and discuss these issues, identifying the innovative solutions that can drive a better future transport system for Europe.

Key Dates

30 September 2015 Full paper due
30 October 2015 Preliminary programme publication
1 December 2015 Full paper review decisions sent to authors
25 January 2016 Draft Final programme publication
29 February 2016 Final programme publication
18-21 April 2016 6th European Transport Research Conference, PGE Narodowy, WARSAW, POLAND

The scope of the conference covers all modes of surface transport: road, rail and waterborne, as well as co-modality, applied to both passenger and freight, in urban, inter-urban and long distance settings. Airports are integrated for their contribution to the transport systems.

The latest achievements of European research and technological developments will be presented and thoroughly discussed by participants.

A broad spectrum of research and innovation activities will range from basic sciences to application-oriented engineering, social, technical and economic aspects, as well as policies and standards.

The following multidisciplinary topics and modes will be addressed at the TRA2016.


1. Environment – Decarbonisation, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

2. Vehicles & Vessels Technologies, Design and Production

3. Urban and Long-Distance People Mobility -Systems and Services

4. Urban and Long-Distance Freight Transport and Logistics

5. Safe, Secure and Resilient Transport Systems

6. Transport Infrastructure

7. Human Factors, Socio-Economics and Foresights

8. Automation and Connectivity

9. Enabling Environment for Innovation Implementation


A. Road

B. Rail

C. Waterborne

D. Airports

E. Cross-modal